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“It rubs the lotion on Its skin or else It gets the hose again.” – Buffalo Bill “Here sir, use mine.” – (famous last words) Lt. Boyle The first time I saw Silence of the Lambs I was about 10 years old and my mother wasn’t home so I was sneaking in a viewing. The only way my little sister would let me get away with it was if I fast-forwarded through a lot of the scenes (fast forward – for all you youngins out there – is something you’d do with video tapes to skip ahead, and since I don’t [...]
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
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I have a friend who calls Star Trek The Motion Picture a ‘very long tea party in space.’ Jokes on him, though, because they don’t even DRINK tea in this movie. And jokes on me, because even with the lack of tea drinking I understand the point he’s making (in his very snarky manner). The plot for the first Star Trek movie breaks down basically like this: Some giant space anomaly type thing comes along and starts sucking up Klingons and space stations and common sense. Starfleet gets a bit freaked out when it realizes the anomaly is headed toward Earth [...]
Mon, Sep 22, 2014
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“Jim Kirk was many things, but he was NEVER a boy scout.” Dr. Carol Marcus “I don’t believe in a no-win scenario.” Admiral James T. Kirk Once upon a time James T. Kirk was a captain. Then he was an admiral. Then he was a captain again. And then an admiral. And then he was dead, but not really. And how did all this ridiculous yo-yo-ing start? Well … Once upon a time there was a planet where a Big Bad with fabulous hair and a Latin accent was marooned by Captain Kirk and then forgotten. It left him feeling a bit … [...]
Mon, Sep 08, 2014
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