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If you look at John Carpenter’s Christine one way, you might see a haunted house/object story. If you look at it another way, you might see all the trappings of a creature feature – minus the creature and plus an evil car. If you squint at it really hard, you may just see a cautionary tale of what happens when you don’t heed the warnings of family and friends. And if you just take a cynical glance at it, all you may see is a campy 80’s horror flick with comely young stars and a demonic old car out to [...]
Mon, Jun 02, 2014
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Lately the films I’ve been reviewing have been of a rather serious/dramatic nature, so this week I thought I’d switch it up with a good ol’ fashioned 90’s teen movie. A slightly (or very) ridiculous plotline is the basis for this movie, but I should point out that the high school characters involved are very serious about the whole thing. Okay, let’s get started! Katie Holmes is Leigh Ann Watson, a bright high school senior with good grades who just wants to escape her small town and not end up a waitress like her mom. The poor girl has a nice [...]
Wed, May 28, 2014
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All right, Flatliners! A 1990s ‘thriller/horror’ about what lies beyond. I can’t keep you in such suspense (especially knowing that whatever suspense you’re feeling right now is guaranteed to be more than what I felt during this film), so let’s get started. The film follows a group of medical students who have more than a passing interest in what happens after you die. I’d like to point out that this cast is pretty incredible, always fun to see some of today’s greatest talent back when they were young and not as picky about scripts (insert winking emoticon here). Kiefer Sutherland is [...]
Wed, May 14, 2014
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