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Murders, feuding brothers, a rogue ex-cop, it all sounds like the plot to half a billion movies at least, but this particular post is all about The January Man, a comedy/thriller (what?) starring Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon. Nick Starkey (Kevin Kline) is an ex-cop who got booted from the NYC police force after getting mixed up in a scandal and wrongfully accused. Nick is understandably frustrated with the state of law enforcement and so takes himself and his rockin’ moustache and becomes a firefighter instead. One night while leaping through a ground floor window and saving a little girl, Nick [...]
Thu, Jun 05, 2014
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If you look at John Carpenter’s Christine one way, you might see a haunted house/object story. If you look at it another way, you might see all the trappings of a creature feature – minus the creature and plus an evil car. If you squint at it really hard, you may just see a cautionary tale of what happens when you don’t heed the warnings of family and friends. And if you just take a cynical glance at it, all you may see is a campy 80’s horror flick with comely young stars and a demonic old car out to [...]
Mon, Jun 02, 2014
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Lately the films I’ve been reviewing have been of a rather serious/dramatic nature, so this week I thought I’d switch it up with a good ol’ fashioned 90’s teen movie. A slightly (or very) ridiculous plotline is the basis for this movie, but I should point out that the high school characters involved are very serious about the whole thing. Okay, let’s get started! Katie Holmes is Leigh Ann Watson, a bright high school senior with good grades who just wants to escape her small town and not end up a waitress like her mom. The poor girl has a nice [...]
Wed, May 28, 2014
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