Pet Tips and Tricks

Last week, I wrote about why doggy nail trimming is needed to protect your dog’s health, longevity, and comfort. This week, I’ve got a few tips for those of you who are novices at dog nail trimming. First, set the dog up for success. Puppies may have had their first nail trims from their breeders. If that trimming was done properly, the puppies have experienced no pain, discomfort, or stress during the process. They have also been rewarded, so their first impression of nail trimming is that it’s closely allied with getting treats and other good stuff, like attention and praise, from [...]
Thu, Sep 25, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
Many years ago, when I was relatively new to dog-owning, a friend and neighbor asked if I would take a look at his Irish setter, who was not doing well. The dog was middle-aged and physically very active, but recently had been suspiciously unwilling or unable even to stand up and walk around. The friend loved his dog very much and wanted to know what I thought might be wrong. I went to his house and there was the dog, curled up on a dog bed, alert and eager to greet me—but he would not stand up. I figured that, as [...]
Thu, Sep 18, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
Bratty barking—what is it? Bratty barking is the term I use for my own dog’s demand barking. When he barks because he wants something, that’s demand barking—he’s demanding what he wants. Demand barking is different from, say, alert barking—the barking your dog does when he sees someone approaching your home, for example. The postal carrier is on your porch, your dog barks to alert you to that intrusion. A car parks in front of your house, your dog barks. He’s saying: “Alert, alert! Approach imminent! Warning! Warning!” That sort of barking is usually helpful to you, as long as it does [...]
Thu, Sep 11, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks