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It’s the holidays. Your house is full of relatives and friends, or maybe you’re visiting away from home this year. Living areas are full of breakables, valuables, and food that’s great for humans but not for pets. Outside, there may be bad weather or—even worse for some pets—fireworks! What’s a cat or dog or bird or ferret to do? Stay safe! You’ve heard the stories. You’ve watched the videos. You know how dangerous the “happy” holidays can be for pets who are left unsupervised . . . even for a few seconds! I’ve been reading this week about the emergency care required for a newly adopted greyhound who [...]
Thu, Dec 18, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
Old dogs. If you are very lucky, some day you will have an old dog of your own. I have two right now, although the little one isn’t considered “elderly” quite yet because her size of dog tends to live longer than bigger dogs. She’s thirteen, at the top end of tiny-dog middle age. My other thirteen-year-old is a golden retriever. He’s definitely considered a senior. He is the oldest dog I’ve ever had. I’m lucky that both of my “seniors” are aging well. Even without specific health issues, though, they are definitely requiring some care that differs from what they [...]
Thu, Dec 11, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
How long does it take to housebreak a dog? That depends! First and foremost, you must start with a healthy dog. Dogs with physical conditions that prevent them from “holding it” to potty at an appropriate time in an appropriate place cannot be “blamed” for eliminating inappropriately. Your puppy or dog should come to you with a clean bill of health from a reputable breeder or a conscientious shelter or rescue organization. You may have been offered the opportunity to get a free “well puppy” or “well dog” check-up with your own veterinarian. Don’t assume that all is well. Make an appointment and take [...]
Thu, Dec 04, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks