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Is your dog a thief? What does she steal? Dogs carry objects in their mouths because they have no other choice. If they want to take it with them, they’ve got to grab it with their teeth, pick it up, and hold onto it. For many dogs, carrying objects is an innate behavior bred into them for practical purposes. For many owners, though, having a dog that carries objects in her mouth can be a real pain. Often, those objects should be off-limits to the dog—for example, your underwear, when it’s dragged out in front of company! Dogs grabbing off-limits items can result in [...]
Wed, Jul 23, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
Coming When Called You and your dog have practiced Walking On A Loose Leash. Your dog is learning that forward progress—going where he wants to go—can happen only if he does not pull on the leash at all. If you feel any pressure on the leash, stop and wait for that pressure to release—for the dog to stop pulling. When he stops pulling, you move forward again. You are teaching a default behavior—something the dog should always do unless you cue him to do something else. If you think that someday you might have a reason for your dog to pull—maybe he’ll learn [...]
Wed, Jul 16, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
Walking With A Loose Leash You walk your dog every day, or every day you can. You walk your dog for exercise, for both of you. You walk your dog because you enjoy the time with him. The walk may be your only one-on-one time with your dog every day, except when you are both asleep. Even if you walk with friends or family, when your dog’s leash is in your hand, you and the dog are in it together. The walk can be its own reward—but imagine what you could accomplish if you taught your dog some important skills every time you [...]
Wed, Jul 09, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks