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Parents, this information is for you! How does your dog look when she is not stressed? Her doggy body language is relaxed. Her muscles are not tensed. Her movement is loose. Her body forms curves; she looks like a comma. How does your dog look when she is stressed? Her doggy body language is stiff. Her muscles are tensed. Her movement may freeze. She may stop panting to hold her breath. When your dog is stressed, you may see these signs: She yawns. She licks her lips. Her eyes roll so that you can see the whites. Her ears pin back against her head. Her tail is low or between her legs. When you see signs of [...]
Thu, Aug 21, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
Every year in the United States, an estimated 800,000 Americans seek medical care for dog bites. Over half of these injuries are to children between five and nine years old. The outcome for those children who are bitten could be a lifetime of anxiety around animals—or permanent disfigurement. The outcome for the dog that bites a child is often death by euthanasia, chosen by the owners or mandated by the law. The saddest phone call I ever received in many years of dog training and dog-owner counseling was from a mother whose four-year-old son had just had his lower lip bitten [...]
Thu, Aug 14, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks
I watched an interaction the other day that worried me, between a toddler and a dog. I was concerned because the child’s mother, sitting a few feet away, seemed oblivious to what was happening, although I certainly was not. Luckily, the dog’s owner was paying attention and handled the situation very well. Had the owner been less attentive—or the dog less tolerant—the interaction might not have turned out happily because, frankly, no one asked the dog if he wanted to be patted. What happened? Two moms and two toddlers were sitting outside an ice cream shop. Both children had started in their mothers’ [...]
Wed, Aug 06, 2014
Happy Tales Pet Tips n Tricks