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Hi, I’m Spartacus (#6597), I’m a male, four-year-old, Burmese Mountain Dog/Shepherd Mix with A LOT of energy! I was picked up and brought in to SCRAPS and am now looking for a new forever home with a family that is just as energetic as I am. I’m happy and affectionate and want to be good, but sometimes my enthusiasm for life, the universe, and everything gets the better of me. I could definitely use some obedience training, and luckily SCRAPS offers FREE classes! Interested in learning more about me, or even adopting me? You can find me at the new SCRAPS location: 6815 E Trent, Spokane Valley WA. You can also click on the link below!

Wait...What's a bottle baby?

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When it comes time to adopt, most people think about a puppy or a kitten, but that may not be the best option for you and your family. With a puppy, you are taking on a twelve to twenty year commitment in the long run and a 24/7 commitment until your youngster learns some manners. “A young puppy is cute, but it requires training and supervision,” said Kathy Keeney, the Rescue Coordinator for SCRAPS. “Adopting an older dog means you are already passed the teething years and are getting someone who is in all likelihood house trained.” Contrary to the popular [...]
Fri, May 23, 2014
Happy Tales

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