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Hi, I’m Caramel (#10604)! I’m a small, two-year-old, short haired calico cat with a very sweet, very mellow personality. I was found and brought into SCRAPS while pregnant so placed into a foster home until I’d had my kittens and they’d been adopted out to new families of their own. Now it’s my turn to fund a great new forever home! For more information about me and how to adopt me, visit me at SCRAPS (6815 E Trent, Spokane Valley WA) or click on ‘Adopt Me’ below.

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No one wants an icicle for a pet – they’re simply not that cuddly. If your pet spends most of the time in the backyard, please change your routine and keep them indoors during the freezing months. 1. Bare naked truth If you must keep your pet outdoors consider this: your pet’s fur coat isn’t enough protection for your pet during winter. Be a pal and provide your dog with a a warm, dry, and draft-free shelter outside. SCRAPS has free dog houses available. They also accept gently used dog houses. 2. No more frozen dinners Because it takes more energy to stay warm [...]
Thu, Dec 04, 2014
Happy Tales

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