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Hi, I’m Cleo (#9887)! I’m a very lively three-year-old female long-haired cat who was found and brought into SCRAPS so I can find a new forever home. I am very curious and love to play, cuddle, and keep an eye on everything going on around me. I have a very striking coat and markings on my face, and would love a family that can devote time to keeping me well-groomed and beautiful. For more information about me and how to adopt me, visit me at SCRAPS (6815 E Trent, Spokane Valley WA) or click on ‘Adopt Me’ below.

Wait...What's a bottle baby?

Watch this informative video to find out.


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Animals will often chew plants to get some roughage. For dogs this is because they are omnivores and actually enjoy plant foods. Plant roughage can be a good source of vitamins and can be helpful for passing food through the intestines. Cats are strictly carnivorous, but eating plants can benefit them by helping to bind hair in the stomach and carry it back out when they hack the hair out through their esophagus and mouth. However, animals also eat leaves for reasons we do not always understand. This is especially true for pets that are kept indoors most or all [...]
Mon, Dec 01, 2014
Happy Tales

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