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Hi, I’m Petey (#2215), a 14 year old orange tabby with a very sweet and playful personality. My owners had a new baby and felt they couldn’t take care of me anymore. I love to be pet and I will talk to you all day long. I really like to be picked up, but I need a very strong owner. For more information about adopting me, please click the link below or come out to SCRAPS to meet me in person!


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Mention the words “Pit Bull,” and an intense debate will almost inevitably follow. Unscrupulous breeding by less-than-upstanding citizens, negatively sensationalized (and often false) media accounts, and longstanding myths surrounding these types of dogs have led to their vilification. Some people, in response to misperceptions about the breed, believe that all Pit Bull-type dogs are to be feared and promote banning these breeds. Pit Bull advocates, deeply dedicated to protecting dogs they know to be friendly, loyal, loving family companions, can be as tenacious as the dogs to whom they are dedicated. The general term “Pit Bull” refers to a number of [...]
Tue, Apr 08, 2014
Happy Tales

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