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Allegra (#6223) is a beautiful four-year-old long-haired Calico cat. She was picked up and brought in to SCRAPS and is now waiting for the perfect forever home. She’s very sweet and affectionate and does have a bit of a mischievous side to her. She’s happy to cuddle and nap with her family, but also likes to play on occasion. Allegra has a lovely long coat that she maintains fairly well on her own. But long hair can easily become tangled and matted and she’ll need to be brushed on a regular basis to keep her coat in great shape. The [...]
Fri, Sep 05, 2014
Happy Tales Adoption Page
Spartacus (#6597) is a four-year-old male Bernese Mountain Dog/Shepherd mix. He was picked up and brought in to SCRAPS and is now looking for a new forever home. He is young and full of energy and, while he wants to be a good boy, doesn’t always pay attention to what is being asked of him when he gets too excited. He would definitely benefit from some obedience classes and luckily SCRAPS offers them twice a month for FREE. He would be great with a family of adults and old kids, as his size and exuberance might be overwhelming for smaller [...]
Fri, Aug 29, 2014
Happy Tales Adoption Page
Pet of the Week
Snookie (#5821) is a spayed two-year-old tortoiseshell tabby cat. She’s sweet and playful and loves to eat, which is evident by the extra pounds she is currently carrying around. She was brought in to SCRAPS along with 13 other cats after her previous owner passed away. While she was in a large pet family before she was taken care of very well and is now looking for a new home where she can find love – and hopefully a diet! She has no current health issues but will need to lose some weight so that she can stay healthy. She [...]
Fri, Aug 22, 2014
Happy Tales Adoption Page

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