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Meet Our Pet of the Week! Name: Tonya #9484 Likes: socializing, walking, cuddling on the couch Dislikes: being left alone for long periods of time What She’s Looking for in a Family: any type of home will do but energetic young children might be a bit overwhelming for her Extra extra: while she currently has no health issues, Tonya is an older dog and will need to have special attention paid to her diet and exercise Adoption Fee: $25 (just the cost of a license!) [...]
Fri, Nov 21, 2014
Happy Tales Adoption Page
Meet Our Pet of the Week! Name: Captain Louie #9722 Likes: long naps in warm sunshine, eating, scratches behind the ears, cuddling Dislikes: loud noises and strange people before he’s gotten used to a new place, an empty food bowl What He’s Looking for in a Family: any size family will do as he’s happy to snuggle with just about anyone Extra extra: Captain Louie only has three legs and is a bit overweight but with a good diet and regular exercise/play time he is just like any other healthy cat Adoption Fee: $40 (includes micro-chipping and licensing) [...]
Fri, Nov 14, 2014
Happy Tales Adoption Page
Meet Our Pets of the Week!  Name: Tasha #9565 and Tia #9566 Likes: snuggling, eating, napping on the couch, long grooming sessions Dislikes: going outside, being alone for long periods of time, not being treated like the princesses that they are What They’re Looking for in a Family: these lovely ladies would do well in any size family as long as they get a lot of attention Extra extra: Persians have long coats that need to be brushed and maintained on a regular basis or they will easily become knotted and dirty; Tasha and Tia are declawed on all four feet so must be kept [...]
Fri, Nov 07, 2014
Happy Tales Adoption Page

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