Weekend Walkabout – Cannon’s Addition

Summer is the perfect time to get out of doors and see what your neighborhood and other local areas have to offer. Whether you are just walking a few blocks around home, or heading out to the park for the day, I guarantee there will be something interesting to see and experience while you’re out there.

Last weekend I walked up to the Rosauer’s on 14th and Lincoln from my apartment on 8th. Not a long walk, but definitely some beautiful and fun stuff to see along the way.


Apparently I live in Cannon’s Addition. Who knew? I’ve never heard the name used but it’s still cool.


One of the prettiest collections of flowers in the area. A lot of love and care went into this garden.


Flowers from the same house, front yard this time.


Our own little Rocket Bakery, nestled amongst the trees.

Great use of a broken sidewalk!

Great use of a broken sidewalk!

– Mia V.


*Do you have a great neighborhood for a Weekend Walkabout? Share with us in the comments! Or better yet, go for your own walkabout and share pics with us!

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