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Pinterest:Impossible – Thai Chicken and Omu Raisu

If you are like me (and hopefully you really aren’t cause one of me is probably enough for this world) you are addicted to Pinterest. All those craft ideas and recipes and bucket list items and words of inspiration are just so hard to resist. I can spend hours pinning things, looking through other people’s pins, re-pinning things, moving my pins around, deleting pins, bringing pins back, organizing pins, re-organizing pins, and so on.

But up until recently I haven’t been super good about actually trying to MAKE any of the delightful food or craft ideas I’ve been pinning like crazy. I’ve seen a whole bunch of memes based around epic Pinterest failures and it has made me a little wary.

Ok, a lot wary. Whatever.

But I’ve decided all of that is behind me and it is time to gather my courage and start making the things I’ve been staring at on my Pinterest boards. For sanities sake, I’m starting with recipes because I know I’m not a terrible cook but I’m fairly certain I’m terrible at crafting.

I’ve got a box of half-made models, broken ceramics, and never-completed cross stitch to prove it.

First up I chose two recipes from my Tasty Tasty Business board (I’m sure you can see what kind of stuff is pinned in there) – Slow Cooker Thai Chicken in Peanut-Curry Sauce and Omu Raisu. One of these looked way simpler than the other. And of course one of them turned out way better than the other.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I got a Crockpot for Christmas and was excited to test it out so the Thai Chicken went first. I like chicken, curry, and peanut butter, so it sounded like a win. I did make some substitutions right off the bat, however, though most were because they were items I could find when I went shopping. Like I needed “quick cook” tapioca but had no idea what that meant. After staring at the pudding display for about six minutes I got fed up and just grabbed the quickest looking tapioca. The recipe also called for chicken thighs but I prefer breast meat so I got skinless chicken breasts instead. The hardest part for me when procuring ingredients was that the recipe listed “Thai curry paste” but did not specify whether it meant red or green or something else altogether. I initially grabbed red (because honestly I liked the color better) but when I wandered down the aisle with Indian food they had a packet of “chicken curry paste” and I went with that instead. It said chicken right on it, after all!

Cooking with the Crockpot isn’t exactly rocket science. I mixed all my lovely ingredients in the cooker and turned it on and set about watching movies for a few hours while my apartment began to smell of lovely chicken and curry. At about the three hour mark I went to check on it and thought the chicken was beginning to look a little over done. When I re-read the instructions to make sure everything was as it should be I realized an important point. I had read “cook 4-6 hours” and totally missed the part where it said “cook on LOW 4-6 hours.” So yes, my chicken was a little dry. But nothing was burnt and I eventually got the sauce unglued from the bottom of the pot.

Unfortunately for all of you reading this, I can’t share the Thai Chicken in Curry-Peanut sauce with you, cause it turned out AWESOME. The sauce was all creamy and peanut-y and a little bit spicy, the chicken was a bit dry but still quite tasty, and I served it all over rice which was wonderful as always (I use a rice cooker; I LOVE that thing ya’ll, the rice is perfect every time).

I’m calling this recipe a WIN.

And here are pics of what the recipe was supposed to look like, and a little collage of what I came up with. I obviously still need to work on presentation.

thai chicken curry peanut sauce  thai chicken curry peanut sauce

Moving on to the second recipe – Omu Raisu. This is basically a Japanese omelet with rice, chicken, and veggies as the filling. And everything is liberally doused in ketchup. I know it might sound odd, but there are some really tasty rice recipes from Japan and Thailand that integrate ketchup. Look up Thai Fried Rice with Ketchup recipes sometime. But not right now cause we’re busy.

So omelets are one of my favorite things to make, but mainly because I cheat at making them. I have this lovely large George Foreman grill with five interchangeable plates that cooks things on the top and bottom at the same time. As I’m sure you can guess, this makes omelets extra easy to make as there is no flipping of eggs required (but it does some weird things to pancakes, let me tell ya).

This recipe called for rice, ketchup, chicken, veggies, and onions. Everything was all cooked up and mixed together to be used as the filling in the omelet. I found myself eating the rice, chicken, veggie mixture while I was cooking the eggs. It was tasty and smelled good and I just couldn’t help myself. Luckily there was tons of it. I made a four egg omelet and there was still way too much filling (rice takes up a lot of space apparently).

This recipe wasn’t terribly difficult to make, but I found myself less impressed with the results than the Thai Chicken. I think it was the eggs that threw me off. Normally I add milk to eggs when making an omelet but this recipe didn’t call for it so I didn’t use it. I think it would have been better if I’d gone with my normal routine. The density of the eggs just wasn’t palatable for me. But dang was that filling good. I have extra so I’ll be reheating it and possibly trying again with better eggs. Or I’ll just eat it from the bowl. Whatever, I do what I want.

So I’m calling this recipe not-quite-a-win-but-it-has-potential.

Pics below.

omu raisu  omu raisu

Interested in making either of these recipes yourself? Head to MyFoxSpokane’s Pinterest board “Fox Foodies Unite” and you’ll find them!


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