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Update: murder victim identified by Spokane County Medical Examiner



SPOKANE, Wash. -

UPDATE: The Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the identity and cause of death of the woman who was found dead at the Downtowner Motel. The victim is 34-year-old Shawana Wyatt. The cause of death is strangulation, and the manner is homicide.

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: One woman was found dead early Thursday morning in a room at the Downtowner Motel in downtown Spokane, and police have arrested the woman’s boyfriend in connection to her murder.

Spokane police said they responded to calls about fighting coming from one of the rooms at the Downtowner around 5:50am. When they arrived minutes later, they found one woman already dead. They found the woman’s boyfriend, the man they believe is responsible for her death, later in the morning at a gas station on the north side of town. He has been identified as 36-year-old Michael W. Baesman. Baesman has been arrested for 2nd Degree Murder. Police do not believe anyone else was involved.

Spokane Police executed a search warrant of the room where the woman was found to continue their investigation.

by Allison Flicker – KHQ Local News Reporter

Ernie Sheets Found



UPDATE: Ernie Sheets has been found. Thanks to everyone who shared his photo!


SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police are looking for a missing and endangered person who left his home yesterday after taking all his money out of savings and telling his wife he was “heading south.”

Ernie Sheets, a 75-year-old  white man with grey hair and grey eyes, suffers from dementia and takes heart medication. He is five feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 190 lbs. He was last seen in Spokane and is believed to be traveling in a 1995 Georgie Boy motorhome with the license plate number AFF6558.

Rescued snowmobiler tells story of survival

MULLAN, Idaho – “I’m not a quitter,” says Barry Sadler, 54, as he eats oatmeal in a local restaurant in downtown Mullan. “But I knew there was no way I was coming out of there.”

Sadler eats breakfast with his wife, both of them can’t believe that it was only 24 hours ago that Sadler was being carried out of the mountains on Montana where he’d spent two days lost and waiting to die.

Sunday afternoon, Sadler and a few friends left on snowmobiles in Mullan to hit the trails. They had gone riding during a snow storm and quickly got disoriented. Sadler became separated from the pack and took one wrong turn, he says it all went downhill from there, literally.

“The snow gave way, and I went down. It was so steep, just a vertical shoot that took me 3,000 feet all the way to the bottom,” says Sadler.

Sadler found himself lying down in a creek with his snowmobile on top of him. A professional body builder and MMA fighter, Sadler easily pushed the vehicle off of him. Only dressed in light clothes, drenched, and lost with no food or water Sadler gave himself four hours before he was dead.

“I pulled the sled out of the ravine and took off all the panels,” says Sadler. “I thought maybe I could warm my hands, you know, just enough that way I could feel my hands and maybe find a way out.”

Using the exhaust as his only heat source, Sadler huddled around it, using it in 15 minute increments until it ran out of gas on Tuesday.

“It was the worst, freezing to death. It’s not quick, it’s drawn out, and you’re shaking so violently it hurts,” says Sadler.

On Tuesday night around 10 PM, Sadler says the snowmobile ran out of gas, and that is when he gave up any sort of hope. He says it never crossed his mind that someone would come and find him, unaware that at that time a number of people along with multiple law enforcement agencies had been searching for him for more than a day. When he finally fell asleep, he was amazed at what happened next.

“These guys shook me, I wake up and all I see are two lights and I thought they were angels,” says Sadler. “And I was kind of out of it and the only thing I asked was ‘what are you guys doing here?'”

Sadler never thought he would have breakfast again with his wife, and he’s thrilled with the second chance.

Fast and Easy Way To Store Ornaments!


It’s the time of year we all dread…the time when we have to put away the beautiful decorations that seemed fun when you put them up, but are now just a pain in the butt!  The worst part is storing delicate ornaments.  Many people, (in a hurry to get them put away), just shove them quickly into a box without thinking about what could happen between now and next December. DON’T DO THAT!!!! There is a better way that is practically free, and it only takes a few minutes more of your time!  The secret is probably laying deep in your garbage as we speak….old egg cartons! It’s easier than you think…

You can simply place smaller ornaments in the original egg slots and if you have bigger ornaments DON’T FRET! Just take a pair or scissors or box opener and cut out one or two of the dividers between the slots.  For stars and other odd shapes, you can form the cartons to fit.  Go through this work once, and you will have safe-keeping for your ornaments for years.  And what’s the best part?  The cartons fit neatly into any box or storage container!

Easy and Accessible!

Easy and Accessible!

Voila!  Perfectly Stored Ornaments!

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Happy After Holidays!

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