Mia’s Con Blog, Sakuracon Day 3

It’s the last day of the convention and I’m already feeling sad. Last days just bum me out.

Things are slow-going around the hotel room. We laze about a bit, watching TV and packing our bags and getting ready to check out. It just isn’t as much fun as arrival was. There is a line for the elevator. A line for the check out desk. A line to get down to the parking garage. I’d probably be feeling grouchy about all the lines if I wasn’t already kind of tired and depressed.

We eventually head over for a last hour or so at the convention center. We can’t stay long as we’ve got hours of driving ahead of us and work to prepare for in the morning.

Dang work, ruining our fun.

I stop by the Art Show room to pick up the picture I won from the auction. Technically I’m not supposed to get it until 1pm but they let me in anyway. I also take a last turn through the vendors’ hall, grabbing some Pocky to snack on (if you don’t know what Pocky is you are really missing out) and a few more business cards so I can buy more art later on.

Though the convention center is still pretty busy, there are a lot fewer people in costumes running about today. Maybe even the hardcore attendees are feeling a bit run down on this last day of Sakuracon.

Soon it’s time to say goodbye to friends, Seattle, and event craziness. I leave the convention center one last time with, I’ll admit, a bit of drag to my step. I pack myself into the car with my con buddies, ready to trek on home.

I wear my convention badge just a little bit longer than necessary, even after leaving the sight of Seattle behind in the rear view mirror. I want to retain the excitement of the weekend just a little bit longer I guess.

Don’t judge me.

So long Sakuracon. Thanks for a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you next year!


*In addendum – Tasty Eats from Seattle:
Panera Bread – I really need to just give in and get a frequent buyer’s card from this place as I’m eating there every time I’m in Seattle; the cheddar broccoli soup and Frontego chicken panini are just as good as I remember

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