Get Ready for Some Schedule Changes – Programming on FOX28!

Our primetime lineup isn’t the only thing that will be changing this month on FOX28. We’ve got a slew of new (haha that rhymed) syndicated shows set to air throughout the daytime, evening, and nighttime hours. While some comedies and talk shows are taking a final bow, new clip-shows, talk shows, and comedies will be taking their places to keep you entertained throughout the week.

Some of the biggest changes start the week of September 9th as a second hour of Family Feud joins the afternoon schedule (from 2-3pm) as does the Bethenny Frankel show (4-5pm) and an hour of Right This Minute from noon to 1pm. Don’t worry, we aren’t losing the Steve Harvey show, he’s just moving to the 3-4pm hour. Late night is getting some new flavor starting the 9th as well, when Arsenio Hall returns to the talk show scene with a new hour-long program that will air from 11:05pm to 12:05am on weeknights.

And just in case you’re curious, Right This Minute presents all of the most current internet and television videos to you in an easy to watch format so you never feel like you’re missing out on what everyone is talking about, even if you don’t spend countless hours online every week. And Bethenny is a daytime talk show hosted by one of the Real Housewives of New York City that focuses on fashion, style, lifestyle tips, and celebrity interviews.

Starting the week of September 16th we’ll be making a bit of a change to our week day Law and Order offering. Criminal Intent will be waving goodbye and the popular SVU installment of the long-running series, staring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, will take its place from 1-2pm. But we aren’t quite done there! One week later (the week of 9/23) we’ll be adding a new comedy to our evening and late-night schedule when Modern Family joins the FOX28 family. This hilarious and touching half-hour sitcom will air from 6:30-7pm and from 10:35-11:05pm Monday through Friday.

So get ready for a big month of changes coming at you as we shake up the early morning comedies, mix in some new daytime talk shows, rattle the evening comedy lineup, and add a dash of new to late night. It’s going to be an exciting September!

Come back Wednesdays (or Thursdays) for more programming updates, alerts, announcements, and special features!

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