Featured Pet: Daisy (#1792)

daisy2siteadoptedDaisy (#1792) is a six year old Chihuahua with a quiet personality who was found in the Newman Lake area and brought into SCRAPS. Unfortunately her previous owners never came to claim her so she is now looking for a new forever home! Daisy is very small and shy and it takes her a little bit to get used to new people and surroundings. She has no health problems and would be best in a family of adults and older children who won’t make too many quick movements or loud noises in her presence. Once she is used to people, however, she is very affectionate and loves to be held and cuddled. She is currently unaltered but that will be taken care of before she goes home with her new family. The adoption fee for Daisy is $87.04, which includes neutering as well as micro-chipping and licensing. If you are interested in adopting Daisy, please come to SCRAPS and ask for her by ID number 1792!

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