Featured Pet: Charlie (#0634)

charlieadoptedCharlie (ID #0634) is a 7 year old male Cocker Spaniel who is very loving and friendly. Charlie has no health issues but has had a rough life and would do best in a quiet and calm home. When Charlie was picked up by Animal Protection Officers, he was unrecognizable as a Cocker Spaniel. His coat was approximately eight inches long and drenched in urine and feces and severely matted to his skin. Charlie was taken to the vet, groomed and examined and found to be carrying almost eight pounds of excess hair on his 34 pound body. Charlie has shed his matted fur and is now happy, healthy and ready for a chance at a happy life.  His adoption fee is $87.04, which includes microchipping and licensing. If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please come to SCRAPS and ask for him by ID number 0634!

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