Don’t Forget Your Pets When the Weather Gets Cold!


The temperature is expected to drop into the single digits in the next few days and SCRAPS wants to remind everyone that leaving your pets outside in severe weather may put you in the dog house!

Every winter, the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) checks on the condition of countless animals in our community to make sure that they have appropriate shelter and care. “Despite their fur, dogs can suffer from the cold just like humans,” said Nancy Hill, Director of SCRAPS. “A good rule to follow is if the temperature is twenty degrees or less, your dog should spend only a limited time outside.” That means just a short trip to the bathroom and then back in the house to warm up.

A cat should not be outside at all in temperatures less than twenty degrees since cats are not made for temperatures that cold.

Even when temperatures are above twenty degrees, it is very important for animals that are outside to always have shelter.

To help keep dogs safe and warm, SCRAPS is holding our annual Dog House Drive.

The community is asked to donate gently used and new dog houses that we can distribute to animals in need. It is a great way to give back to the community and put a no longer needed shelter to good use.

You can pick up a dog house free of charge at SCRAPS.

“It is also important for animals to have fresh, potable water available at all times,” said Nancy Hill, President of the SCRAPS Hope Foundation. “For dogs that are outside for part of the day, pet stores sell heated water bowls which work well in our winter climate.”


(Source – SCRAPS Hope Foundation)

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