Adventures in Spokane – Party TwentyFive: Where I Take a Drive, Celebrate an Anniversary, and Explore the Cosmos

Last Saturday I drove over to Seattle with the tiny/tall roommate. We visited the Comics Dungeon comic shop to pick up badges for Emerald City Comicon. It was a very nice store with wonderfully helpful people. I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often. Then we went to Panera for lunch because we were in Seattle and Panera is awesome and there isn’t one in Spokane and why don’t we have one here anyway?


The food was amazing. I had cheddar broccoli soup and a half chicken … something … panini and it was all warm and filling and savory and delicious. I may have been ruined for cheddar broccoli soup anywhere else. So really, we NEED a Panera in Spokane. Someone needs to get on that already.

After lunch we headed back to Spokane, because we could and we had taken care of our errand in Seattle and we are young and apparently we can just drive across the state for lunch and back if we really want to. Unfortunately it rained for 2/3rds of the drive back which got really old really fast, but at least it wasn’t snowing.

Once I arrived back in Spokane it was time to head over to The Elk to help them celebrate their 15th anniversary. The place was packed, as it usually is on Saturday nights, but I was there with one of the Spokast Podcast hosts and we were able to get a table pretty quickly. He tried the Imperial Stout Flight to drink while I had myself a margarita that was okay and an Italian Sidecar which was better. We also shared a plate of BBQ quesadillas and a hummus platter. Everything was very tasty.

Before anyone asks, yes I did got to Borracho last week. I had myself a taco salad that wasborracholunch more meat than lettuce and another couple of tequila shots. I’ve been working my way through the Silvers and Blancos on the list and am a little concerned about the time when I run out of them to drink. Turns out I really like the Silvers and Blancos. They are … mellow, I guess you could say. I like that in a tequila.

My tequila frenemy is about seven shots ahead of me at this point, which drives my competitive side crazy. BUT we have agreed to do our last shot together when the time comes (as it is $40 and we are saving that kind of expense for last) so it really doesn’t matter if she completes the rest of the list first. Of course that voice inside me that wants to WIN is having trouble accepting that.

In case you missed it (not like we’ve mentioned it a thousand times on Twitter, Facebook, and on air), Sunday was the premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted by rockstar astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. My team here at the station set up viewing parties for each episode at Mobius Science Center and our first one happened Sunday night. The very interesting and entertaining Professor Kevin Decker did a talk for the first hour, about philosophy and Carl Sagan and science and stuff. It was cool. I might have even learned something.

Then we watched the show and that was pretty cool too. Not just because Cosmos is a great show so far and Neil deGrasse Tyson does a good job filling the late, great, Carl Sagan’s shoes as host, but also because it was a bunch of us in a room together, sharing our love of science and nature and the universe. We laughed and cheered and got teary-eyed at the end and it made the experience extra special that we got to do it as a group. I can’t wait until next Sunday when we get to do it all again.

cosmosmeetupAfter the show I went to The Satellite with a friend for a bite to eat. It was late and probably not the best time to chow down on a heavy meal, but I was hungry and it sounded like a great idea at the time. I tried the Joe’s Breakfast Burrito, which was full of eggs and spinach and parmesan cheese and ground beef and red onions. So good and so filling. There may have been cinnamon raisin toast and hash browns along with it. I’m not entirely sure as I was in a food coma by the time I was done.

My week pretty much ended with that food coma. I’ll be back next week to talk about free trips to the museum, more tequila (of course), and more Cosmos (ditto). To pass the time until I return why don’t you head out and have some adventures of your own? If you’re lucky you just might see me bouncing around town while you’re out there!

– Mia V

This week’s Adventures in Spokane brought to you by:
Comics Dungeon
Panera Bread
The Elk Public House
Borracho Tacos & Tequileria
Mobius Science Center
Satellite Diner & Lounge

*Want to attend a Cosmos viewing party at Mobius Science Center? Be sure to sign-up online at the Fox28 Events page! Seating is limited so book your place early!

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