Adventures in Spokane – Part TwentyTwo: Where I Burn My Mouth Out, Walk Down Memory Lane, And Then End Abruptly

I’d like to start off by saying I’m not addicted to tequila. It might begin to sound like that after a while since I’ve been going to Borracho at least once a week and working my way through their tequila challenge. And while I certainly enjoy tequila and have had some interesting experiences while drinking it (the Ghost pepper infused may have made my mouth hot and numb for around 10 minutes) it isn’t the drink itself that has me going back again and again.

It is the COMPETITION that has gotten to me. Not only the idea of being the second person ever to complete the challenge and get my name on the wall, but the idea of beating my friend  who started the challenge with me. Right now she is ahead of me on drinks and it is really getting under my skin. I’ve never been the most cutthroat person in the world, but this whole thing sure seems to be stoking my competitive edge.

Before we move on from Borracho and on to other things I’ve done around town in the last few weeks (I swear I’ve been doing more than shots at that bar) I’d like to mention how awesome their food is. I shared some chips and queso with friends on a girl’s night out and that cheese was dang tasty. I probably could’ve eaten a giant bowl of just that cheese, but I maintained a (tiny bit) of self-control and stuck to a more reasonable amount. I’ve also been working my way through every quesadilla combination possible from the menu. You can order with any of the meats that are also available in their tacos, and so far I’ve gone with beef, chicken, and pork. Surprisingly enough I liked the pork best. It has a fruity kind of salsa that goes with it and I really enjoyed the flavor to it.

Way back in the day when I was much younger and much sillier (probably) I partook of the kind of parties that included lots of black lights and body paint and bounce houses and foam rooms and trippy electronic music. Harking back to those days of long ago (at least it feels like long ago) I decided to attend a black light party at Studio E in Northern Quest Casino. The tiny/tall roommate and I threw on white t-shirts and (in her case) awesome hats and headed out to see what the cool kids were supposedly up to on Saturday night. We hit the casino about an hour early and wandered into one of the bars off the slot machine floor. We didn’t do any gambling but each had a drink or two. They had original Smirnoff Ice in the bottles at the bar and I was overly excited at the idea of having one.

I haven’t seen an original Smirnoff Ice in years. Ah the memories.

Once we’d finished our drinks we headed over to Studio E to see how the party was going. And while there were certainly black lights, and people in a corner painting each other up with black light paint, that was about the most exciting element of the shindig. Three people were dancing on the floor and another few were getting drinks. It just wasn’t really our scene. So off we wandered to discover if there was anything else going on at the casino that might peak our interest. We ended up at the Fireside Lounge in the hotel for another couple of drinks.

It was nice up there, peaceful though there were people all around us. Boxing championships had gone on earlier that evening and there were plenty of guys happy to show off their medals to any who would look. In the end it wasn’t exactly the night I had in mind when I decided to attend a black light party, but I had fun anyway and that’s what really matters. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ve grown up and matured some what.

Maybe (probably) not.

While the last month also included trips to Morty’s for margaritas and amazing mozzarella sticks, dinner at China Café with family visiting from out of town, meeting new friends at Shari’s for quiche and pie, and brunches with cousins that included epic games of Cards Against Humanity, I think I’ve already gone on long enough for this entry in Adventures in Spokane. I’ll be back next week (probably?) to talk about Geek Girls, birthday dinners, and Polar Plunges. To pass the time until I return why don’t you head out and have some adventures of your own? If you’re lucky you just might see me bouncing around town while you’re out there!

– Mia V.

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