Adventures in Spokane – Part TwentyThree: Where I Get Nostalgic, Celebrate Birthdays, and Hang with Geeks

Having a bit of trouble focusing this morning. It’s so sunny out! I missed the sun. Now if only it was warm as well it would be perfect! That wind outside was very unforgiving on my walk to work this morning, but I think my eyelashes have finally unfrozen from my eyebrows and the look of surprise I was sporting for no particular reason today has gone away.

Last week, before the epic snows came once again, I went out to lunch with TheDad at The Chalet. This was my first time eating there since November at least. Once upon a time it was TheGramma’s favorite lunch spot, but since she passed I’ve been feeling a little too sad to go in again. I’m glad I finally sucked it up and went back though. My Denver omelet was very good and the Chocolate Cream pie was even better. I was still a little sad, but in a good way and not so much in a “boo hoo my world has ended” kind of way.

The monthly meeting of the Spokane Geek Girls fell on Wednesday night so I headed over to The Onion downtown to see my lovely geeky friends. It was a busy night and we were in the main dining area as opposed to the back meeting room, so things got pretty loud. But it was a fun time over all. We had a couple of new girls show up and add to our eclectic mix of tech geeks, fan geeks, gaming geeks, sports geeks, and more. While it wasn’t one of our more organized meetings and we really just spent the evening chatting away about whatever we wanted to talk about, I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves. If you are a geeky lady in the Spokane area and looking for like-minded ladies to hang out with, I fully encourage you to attend a meeting of the Spokane Geek Girls sometime. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I hit up a new (to me) eating venue on Thursday when I went out to dinner at Europa for my older sister’s birthday. It’s only taken one visit for me to fall madly in love with this place. The social style seating (with softer chairs than I was expecting), the amazing Italian-ish food items on the menu (I had the Thai chicken pizza and it was delicious), the tasty adult beverages, and the beautiful atmosphere really helped make the evening special. As did the awesome company. My sister and her friends are hilarious and interesting and smart and fun to hang out with and we had an excellent time talking and laughing and eating our hearts out. Even when I had to share my dessert (a wonderfully tasty berry cheesecake) it was okay because I was having such a good time.

I’m sure you are just waiting for me to mention Borracho and tequila, and may even be surprised that I haven’t yet. Well I don’t want to disappoint. I DID make it out to Borracho last week and I DID have more shots of tequila and I NOW only have 58 (I think?) drinks to go to complete the challenge. That nameplate will be mine, OH YES. It will be mine. I also had a quesadilla even though for the first time we were offered the breakfast menu as well as the lunch/dinner menu, and it had some really interesting options on it. My tequila frenemy (she’s winning the challenge dang it) had an omelet covered in queso that she said was pretty much to die for. I might give that a try next time I’m there, though they did just release some new menu items I might have to try instead.

The weekend ended not with any epic adventuring around town, but instead a celebration of my oldest cousin’s 40th birthday. There was much drinking (it was a Drink Through the Decades Party), costume changes, trivia challenges, bestowing of new family nicknames (and I’d like to give a shout out to Dr. Ann for being such a good sport) and laughing involved.

That about wraps up last week for me. I may have also watched the pilot of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey and it may have been pretty freaking amazing and I may want to heavily encourage everyone to watch it when it premieres on Sunday March 9th at 9pm. But we can talk about all of that more later on. And believe me, it will come up again later on.

I’ll be back next week (most likely) to talk about snowy sushi days, David Bowie and ThePackage, and roadtrips for nerd-dom. To pass the time until I return why don’t you head out and have some adventures of your own? If you’re lucky you just might see me bouncing around town while you’re out there!

– Mia V.

This week’s Adventures in Spokane brought to you by:
Spokane Geek Girls
The Onion
Europa Restaurant and Bakery
Borracho Tacos and Tequileria

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