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A fire that raged overnight on the underside of an old wooden wharf was finally quelled Tuesday but not before all container terminals at the Port of Los Angeles and several in adjacent Long Beach harbor were shut down for...
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SPOKANE, Wash. - A new art project will be lighting up Downtown Spokane in October and they are asking for your help in creating the artwork. Spokane Arts organized the "Spokane Throw" project as a way for you to write letters to Spokane and possibly have them displayed on a building wall across from the Bank of America building - a way to "throw" light and public art around Spokane.


State and federal officials sought Tuesday to bring order to California's boom for renewable-energy plants in the Mojave and other southern California deserts, releasing a roadmap covering 22.5 million acres that...


Prolific writer J. California Cooper, who was writing plays until Alice Walker suggested she switch to short stories and novels, because they were an easier path to a paycheck, has died at age 82.

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