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Atlantic City's newest casino - and its biggest, costliest flop - went out with barely a whimper.
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MOSCOW, Idaho - The long awaited murder trial of Charles Capone began in Moscow, Idaho on Tuesday. Capone is accused of murdering his estranged ex-wife, Racheal Anderson, 4 years ago. Anderson's body has never been found. Detectives say Capone and a friend, David Stone made a pact to kill each other's wives.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - A publicist for Jennifer Lawrence says the actress has contacted authorities after nude photos of her were apparently stolen and posted online. Intimate images of the Oscar winning actress began appearing online on Sunday and nude images purported to be of other female celebrities were also being circulated online.
EVERETT, Wash. (AP) - Authorities say the owner of bikini coffee stands in Washington state banked more than $2 million in just three years because her baristas were also selling sex acts. Snohomish County prosecutors charged 52-year-old former nude dancer Carmela Panico with promoting prostitution and money laundering, alleging that she was the madam of drive-thru brothels throughout the county north of Seattle.


Thirty teens "overwhelmed" their minders at a juvenile detention center by simultaneously breaking out of four dormitories and then crawling under a weak spot in a chain-link fence. By late Tuesday, eight were still on the...
A northern Michigan woman accused of trying to kill her autistic 14-year-old daughter after describing in an online blog the family's struggles to raise her pleaded guilty Tuesday to first-degree child abuse.
Atlantic City's newest casino - and its biggest, costliest flop - went out with barely a whimper.


Theater fans, get ready to laugh uncomfortably - Larry David has found a Broadway theater and some co-stars for his writing and acting stage debut.
As federal investigators worked Tuesday to determine who stole and posted nude photos of several female celebrities online, the images continued to be removed from various sites.
Justin Verlander wants to keep his private life just that - private.

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