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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea has proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. into the hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. U.S.. officials blame North Korea for the hacking, citing the tools used in the Sony attack and previous hacks linked to the North.
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SPOKANE, Wash. - More than 50 people gathered outside Spokane County Court House Saturday to protest the city's new gun law. Initiative 594, which went into effect earlier this month, requires background checks on all sales and transfers, including private transactions and many loans and gifts. However there are exceptions.One person at the protest was cited for misdemeanor assault after he punched another person at the gathering.
BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) - The Washington state-based grocery chain Haggen Inc. plans to buy 146 Albertsons and Safeway stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. The Bellingham Herald reports the sales are required under the federal review of Safeway's sale to an investment group that owns Albertsons.
SPOKANE, Wash.- It's always busy inside the Thomas family residence with two parents chasing three energetic children. But the scene looked quite different six years ago when their son Chace had to be rushed to the hospital just days after he was born. "We were shocked," Katie Thomas, Chace's mother, said. "We had just had a healthy baby a couple days ago and now he was dying."


Even as New York's police department takes heat for its tactics in the outrage over the Eric Garner chokehold case, year-end crime statistics show two clear trends: low-level arrests are holding steady and overall...
Waving U.S. and Cuban flags and chanting "Obama, traitor," anti-Castro protesters gathered Saturday in a Little Havana park in a show of opposition to the president's plan to normalize relations with the communist nation.
Bill Cosby has the right to remain silent - and that may be his best strategy.


Skin was definitely in, but was 2014 all about the big, bold booty or a sheer reveal up top?
Along with its triumphs, the world of TV had its share of setbacks in 2014. Here's a sample:
By JOCELYN NOVECK AP National Writer Just for fun, let's try to picture the year in pop culture, all in one image.

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