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An Arizona sheriff is trying to halt President Barack Obama's plans to spare nearly 5 million immigrants from deportation.
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SPOKANE, Wash.--Everyone is okay following an emergency landing Sunday evening at Spokane International Airport. A United Airlines flight was forced to land in Spokane,because one of the plane's engines stopped working. It was originally headed from Sea-Tac to Newark, but diverted to Spokane when the engine started having trouble. United flew a rescue plane in from Denver to take those passengers to Newark.
COLBERT, Wash.--An intruder in Colbert picked the wrong house to break into. Kurt Hoffman is a disabled veteran, but he was very much able to make sure police were going to arrest the man who broke into his house.
SPOKANE, Wash.--Government Way in Spokane is now back open tonight after the bomb squad had to deal with some dynamite. According to police, a man with a metal detector found it and called it in.Government Way from West Sand Ridge to Fort George Wright Drive was closed for a while tonight while crews dealt with it.Police say the dynamite was old and rendered it was safe. The scene was cleared late Sunday night.


An Arizona sheriff is trying to halt President Barack Obama's plans to spare nearly 5 million immigrants from deportation.
Many young immigrants who are protected from deportation under new Obama administration policies are expected Monday to begin pursuing Arizona driver's licenses.
At least 786 children died of abuse or neglect in the U.S. in a six-year span in plain view of child protection authorities - many of them beaten, starved or left alone to drown while agencies had good reason to know they...


Bright colors, strange clothes and a striking white mask steal the attention of everyday people going about their business in downtown Cairo. This is the stage for Mohammed Saeed (aka Sheetos) who is waging a lonely...
It was a slow night on the red carpet at the opening of the Marrakech film festival for the photographers and everyone was complaining over the lack of celebrities.
North Korea hates the currently scrapped Hollywood film that revolves around the assassination of its beloved leader, but the country has had a long love affair with cinema - of its own particular styling.

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